Welcome to the HBS Club of Singapore!

The HBS community in Singapore is the largest in Southeast Asia with nearly 900 alumni members and growing. We represent a diverse mix of corporate, government and NGOs and represent organizations spanning Asia. We do not have a paid membership – whether you are a Singaporean, PR, expat on assignment or just visiting – if you are an HBS Alum, please let us know you so we can add you to our mailing list. Also, please join our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/groups/hbsclubsg. We welcome HBS Alumni from other cities to our events and community, since we know many of us travel often.

The goals of our club are:

  1. Continuing our HBS education with bespoke events including talks with visiting HBS professors, corporate leaders, and government representatives
  2. Engaging the Singapore community with outreach efforts to local students and entrepreneurs
  3. Support for alums moving to Singapore including helping new graduates and those interested in moving to Singapore
  4. Networking events to get to know new and old alumni alike
Our 2016 Board Members are:

Board of Directors
Chairman: Seah Kian Peng, AMP 163
Member: John Tang, MBA 1996
Member: Clifton Yong, TGMP 6
Member: Amit Sevak, MBA 2001
Member: Fatima Khan, MBA 2011

Executive Committee
President: Omar Lodhi, MBA 2001
VP, MBA Events: Shyam Ayengar, MBA 2006
VP, Exec Ed Events: Andrew Nai, GMP 14
VP, Mentorship: Stan Furman, MBA 2005
VP, Learning: Margaret Wells, MBA 2006
VP, MBA Membership: Pathiya (Poy) Todhanakasem, MBA 2012
VP, Exec Ed Membership: Leonard Stornes, AMP 180
VP, New Venture: Sonny Hong, MBA 2001
Treasurer: Hanli Mangun, MBA 2009

Again, this group and our events are for HBS Alumni only. For those alumni from other schools, we will welcome you to select events through HUAAS which can be found at: http://harvardsingapore.org.sg/

For any queries, please contact info@hbsclub.sg.